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To begin with - the name. A Swiss Panerai Luminor is different from a Luminor Marina for the reason that a Luminor doesn't have seconds hands whereas a Luminor Marina includes a small seconds hands. Now, a Luminor (Marina) 1950 comes with an entirely different situation to some Luminor. The "standard" Luminor includes a "boxy" situation whereas the Luminor 1950 includes a sensational cushion-formed situation. This difference is big. Also, most the from the Luminor 1950 models use more high-finish actions for example P.9000 even though many Luminor models still use ETA-based actions until they're phased by the new calibre P.5000 movement. Finally, the term Acciaio means steel.

So essentially, the 359 is really a 44mm steel Luminor using the 1950 situation along with a high-finish, in-house calibre P.9000 movement. This can be a bold as well as in-your-face watch, my buddies. Mine presently sits on the aaa Panerai Luminor watch assolutamente strap. With Panerai, area of the fun is swapping straps. I'll expand about this later, however this particular assolutamente strap is really a much better complement towards the dial colors compared to black strap that is included with the 359. With this particular strap/color combo, the 359 is stunning and can attract plenty of attention.even from non-watch guys (muggles).

The 359 might not, however, function as the right PAM for you personally. In lots of ways, it's not an average Panerai. It differs to many Luminor 1950. It features a polished situation, whereas the 312, 321, 351, etc. have the ability to blown cases. The apparent difference may be the 11-numeral dial whereas most PAM have three or four cardinal numbers with "sticks" marking 5, 10, etc. There's a couple of Panerai Luminor review using the 11-numeral dial, but it is not typical. It will possess a sandwhich, so that's important. It includes a "dirty dial", quite simply, the colour from the luminous lower layer from the sandwhich dial (i.e. the numbers) is really a sandy vintage color. Of all Panerai Luminor swiss, this can be a green color. Personally, I believe the dirty dial is way better and enables that nice combo having a tan strap like the assolutamente. The polished situation is great and-impact, however the blown situation is much more rugged searching and much more "Panerai". But for the sure, the dial with minute markers is much more Panerai. Therefore the 359 is really a high finish Panerai with serious wow factor, however it lacks a few of the raw, fundamental Panerai flavour which leaves me unfulfilled many occasions. The 359 may be the crown jewel of my collection which is my third best Panerai Luminor after upgrading from "lesser models". However I frequently question basically could be more happy having a plain, fundamental 112 or perhaps a new 560 having a more familiar Panerai look.