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I've, and actually, this PAM87 3 occasions! My initial Panerai, bought in 2001, was the PAM87 D series. In lots of ways, this watch is simply a questionable offering from Panerai, so that as we glance back, we are able to begin to see the harmful trail this watch has blazed. Obviously, I'm mentioning that in 2000, Panerai released the famous PAM64 Special Edition "La Bomba" 1000 meter Submersible having a black dial and silver sub seconds. Just 12 months later, Panerai Luminor Submersible 1000m will bring out the very same watch inside a regular edition, altering just the dial color. Not the type of news that's well accepted by brand collectors and passionate fans.

I have a photograph of the PAM64C alongside my last sample, the 87H. At this time, the 87 had gone through its dial vary from the E to F series. The 87 D/E watches were built with a lighter shade of blue and dial features more like the 64. The large variations you can observe here are the positioning and elegance from the hour markers. Around the 87, beginning using the F series, the markers grew to become trimmed in steel and pressed towards the fringe of the dial, stifling the white-colored minute track.

This new style dial around the 87 is exactly what helped me sell me D series to buy an F series, and then this H series that is proven in most from the following photos. I loved the more dark shade of blue and new dial features

Panerai's 44mm 1000m situation type is very possible the chunkiest feeling Panerai I've ever worn. The subtle change of pushing the hour markers outward gave the dial a bigger appearance.

You may also see some refinement within the markings around the bezel.

This photo really captures the dial shade from the 87F-H dials.

This watch used Tritium markers up to the finish of their production. Not the very best lume photo below, however the 1000m was easily read in low light situations.

I loved the 87H around the more recent style Panerai rubber strap also it paired very well. This watch is possibly probably the most top heavy piece I've ever worn, along with a rigid strap assisted control the load.

Panerai has tweaked the bezel from the panerai luminor 1950 submersible 1000m series many occasions through the years. I usually thought the design and style utilized on the 87 only agreed to be right, using the different weight black 15 minute scale, size and elegance from the 5 minute extruded metal circles, and edge coining.

Once subtle detail to create apart the PAM87 from the predecessor was the awesome "1000m" marking around the rotating lever.

A Panerai watch from of the brute dimensions are best worn with short masturbator sleeves, as well as in tough conditions. Some collectors talk about "desk diving" and put on their watch accumulates in the normal routine. If you have a duplicate Panerai 44mm 1000m watch strapped on, it's not the timepiece that's at risk, but other things that may encounter it.