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The finish from the fabled Panerai Ferrari watch partnership was introduced a week ago by watch industry omniscient Gregory Pons (Business Montres). As the causes of the chance that this partnership was condemned from first day are possibly apparent and fully appreciated by a few, I believe that there's yet one unanswered question. That's, what's going to occur to the long run worth of these watches since their status is formally "publish-production"? Will their value decrease or increase? Can they eventually - possibly twelve months from now, possibly ten - ultimately become products of effective value? Or dusty artefacts of some other luxury marketing partnership gone south? I am inclined to think the second may be the situation, which these watches have experienced their high watermark with regards to the cost.

Situation in point: just today I happened upon a "few Panerai for Panerai Ferrari watches.available.for a really short time in a special cost."

Actually, in the offered cost of $4,995, these watches - the bearing the FER 005 reference number - are fetching just below 35% of the original retail cost. Put one other way, they're over 65% off. This signifies a substantial discount to the present prices of these watches around the 'Net gray market. It's even way below what some people are requesting a second hand FER 005's. Although this is probably very unfortunate if you're a seller or holding inventory of those watches, it's for you personally like a buyer an opportunity to own a top quality Panerai watch with Ferrari emblem in a phenomenal cost.

If you are looking at the dealership who's offering Ferrari Gran Turismo Rattrapante Chronograph watches at 65% off retail, send me an e-mail or ping me on Twitter and I'll let you know. And just in case you question, I've no relationship or financial curiosity about assisting to sell these watches, I just rely on them to create my larger point.

which would be that the dissolution from the Panerai Ferrari Swiss partnership and also the uncommon liquidation purchase for that FER005 isn't just a coincidence! And even though this is just an example size one, It portends a really soft marketplace for the Panerai Ferrari watches for years to come.